Creative Workshops for Business

What do our workshops deliver?

  • Team Development
  • Creative Skills

What problems can we help you with?

  • Employee engagement
  • Change management
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Skill shortages

What do the workshops improve?

Employee engagement: Figuring out as a team how to find the best solution for the task.

Analysis: Delegates develop their observation and analytical skills by exploring a different activity which may be outside their comfort zone.

Problem solving: Delgates interact to help break down the task and achieve successful completion in the time available.

Innovation:  There is opportunity to innovate and play with ideas in a safe environment.

Thinking differently: The opportunity for some lateral thinking.

Resilience: Building confidence and agility to make changes and adapt. This is a key element of wellbeing.


How do we do this?

Structured format:  Based on a 9 step process development platform, based upon the principles of six sigma.

Creative task: A skilled creative task is the challenge for the team. An individual activity and achievement with a group found solution. Learning by doing.

Participation: Delegates engage in group discussion and support each other in their individual task. This creates a level playing field and empowers the individual to gain confidence and develop new skills.

Measurement and evaluation:  Through self assessment and facilitator observations a profile of individual performance in a task is realised. This is an essential part of realising the full potential of your team.

Why work with us?

Our approach is different.

We take a fusion of engineering and creativity to deliver our workshops. Combining the discipline and structure of the principles of engineering with the imagination and flair of creativity.


Sara Penrose is an experienced chemical engineer and professional artist.


The benefits of our workshop:

  • Optimise the performance of your workforce
  • Maximising performance maximises profit
  • An insight into individual's skills
  • Identifying the key triggers to motivation
  • Increased employee wellbeing


Team Development, Creative Skills, Training, Workshops


Find out more:

Whether you would like a 10 min discussion or are interested in a taster demonstration, get it touch.


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