March 14, 2020 Sara Penrose

Note to reader. I first wrote this blog on a piece of paper, using a pen. Why?! I hear you cry… BECAUSE IT WORKS! It’s easy. It doesn’t require updates or a Password. It doesn’t have pop ups with frustrating, oh sorry.

I mean “helpful” suggestions. It’s just me and my pen. I can see all the page and actually enjoy the flow of making marks of these lovely letters and words.

Oh look; I just paused to look out of the window at the sunshine hitting the trees and shrubs in my garden… I turn back to my writing and hey presto!! It’s still there! No blank screen. No screensaver! So why is an engineer turned artist writing a blog about computers? Because contrary to the start of this piece I need to have a relationship with computers. I want and need to know how things work. I need to use it and this is about me exploring the “fun” of computers… WAIT DON’T GO! Lol.

I always wax lyrical in my oil painting workshops about stepping back, taking in a new perspective and then re-finding the adventure… Well it’s time to practice what I preach on one of my most frustrating/ unfun topics.

So let’s take a step back.

  • Current position = 30cm from screen, resisting screaming, waiting for updates to install.
  • New position = approx. 2 metres away from desk wondering why I have grown to strongly dislike this once beautiful sleek piece of technology.

First new thoughts:

  • A computer is just like anything else in my life. A house, a car, my body, my mind. It needs to be looked after.

Hmmm – hitting the nail on the head there for me: I DON’T WANT TO LOOK AFTER MY COMPUTER. I WANT IT TO LOOK AFTER ME!

OK so this defines the problem and also perhaps makes me look a little ridiculous. Hey ho, never mind, my workshop process might actually work for this.


Problem: I want my computer to make my life easier. I don’t feel I should have to spend time looking after my computer.

Analysis: What is a computer:

  • A huge hulk of metal and plastic that “by magic” does clever stuff. (Hmmm I’m detecting I may have some issues!)

Lets try again:

  • A combination of hardware, software and the ability to send/ receive data to remote servers and devices. (Basic but better)


  • Enables the development of graphics, video, sound, text and numbers.
  • Communicates to other devices and servers
  • Stores Data

Once more:

  • The result of someone’s idea/ dream/ ambition.
  • Years of hard work by millions of people.
  • Always evolving/ growing
  • A powerful Tool

Computers are a Tool and I am a great believer in looking after your tools. Looks like I need to re-evaluate my thinking. I don’t like it though. Still want to be in a grump about it. This surely still means more work for me?!


Status Update: My computer has now finished all updates.

Fact: It took 10 minutes of my time. (I had to google how to get updates… lol)

Fact: My computer is now functioning much faster! (Feel like some amazingly magical miracle has occurred. Calm is restored). If my computer could talk to me (lets just forget about the update reminders I kept ignoring) I’m sure it would be putting it’s virtual head in it’s virtual hands and in a woeful digital voice say “You Are Soooo Frustrating Sara!!”… hmm.. role reversal.

My IT journey today has resulted in both me and my computer being a lot more productive and enjoying what we do best.


Take A Step Back And Rediscover The Adventure!

Works for me with IT. Who’d have thought?!