My Original Oil Painting Collection

Northamptonshire Landscapes & Engineering Art


Come and see my collection in person. There is no substitute for viewing the real thing. Visit me when I am out and about at events. It would be lovely to chat with you.  See all the details on my News Page.


All the Original Work on this page is available to buy. The prices are displayed to the side of the work beneath the description. The pieces are painted onto high quality stretched canvas. Additional framing can be recommended and added. Packaging & delivery costs would need to be added. For a complete quotation email me at


Work In Progress

I have recently begun a new collection of Engineering Art. The piece to the left is "Engineering Art 1.0". There is still quite a lot to do in building up the layers, installing a few more valves and instruments. Then the grand finale of a splash of abstract shape and colour... watch this space.

Original Oil On Canvas - inches x inches
Composition Location - Inside A Resin Plant
Engineering Art 1.0 - WIP - £650*


Braunston Glow

The gentle rolling hills reflecting the glorious orange Sunday morning sun.

Original Oil On Canvas - 30 x 20 inches
Composition Location - Braunston, Northamptonshire
Braunston Glow - 2019 - £650*


Brixworth Poppies

The swathe of poppies stand together, whilst the heavens do threaten across the valley.

Original Oil On Canvas - 20 x 30 inches
Composition Location - Brixworth, Northamptonshire
Brixworth Poppies - 2018 - £650*


Victoria Mill

With prominence and pride Victoria Mill reflects its character in the strokes of the Nene.

Original Oil On Canvas - 30 x 20 inches
Composition Location - Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Victoria Mill - 2018 - £650*


Cosgrove Crossing

Solomon's Bridge stretches gold across the Grand Union Canal. A narrow boat sits beneath, in quiet reflection.

Original Oil On Canvas - 20 x 26 inches
 Composition Location - Cosgrove, Northamptonshire
Cosgrove Crossing - 2017 - £650*


I recommend a dark frame like the one pictured to the left below. This style really compliments my work without dominating and helps draw you in to the piece. The frame is a box frame which allows a few millimetres gap between the canvas and the frame. In my opinion this allows the picture to breath. It also enables you to see the sides of the canvas. I always continue my painting around the sides. This is part of my signature. Doing this invites you in to the composition as you enter a room, before you see the full front view. I can arrange for further framing or recommend trusted framers.

N.B. the recommended frame adds a further 6.5 inches width in both height and width to the picture.

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