Our highly interactive optimisation training programme is a fusion of creativity and process, bringing two powerful elements of performance together to achieve greater impact.


Creativity is a uniquely human attribute, generating ideas, communicating detail, exploring the unconventional and realising valuable potential.
Process, applies selective logic to ensure precision and consistency.

In our programme:
To be creative, delegates paint a picture or write a story.
To apply process, delegates learn and practise structured methods of work.
These are done in unison.

Once the fundamental human skills have been practised, the delegates plan the skill application to their specific job role.

Our embedding module, ensures that the skills are utilised in the business to improve quality, efficiency and growth in the chosen focus area.



“Helps show how projects can be planned and delivered. Very interesting, informative and practical”

Ron Lynch – Regional Director – Institute of Directors


“This approach allowed the team to understand they could achieve anything with a step by step approach, stepping outside of their comfort zone and thinking differently”’

Michael Bodsworth – Technical Director – Goldline UK Ltd


“The skills landscape report is very useful and I would absolutely recommend this training to others”

Jenny Murray – Managing Director – Life Science Group Ltd


Practical - in person and virtual training

Applied - to a specific business need

Reported - through performance and feedback

Implemented - applied to specific job roles

Embedded - 121 macro training sessions



We have created a number of tools to deliver our programme. These are the:

Optimisation cycle - a continuous cycle of questioning, analysing, innovating, solving and reviewing (QAISR).

Problem solving framework - (9stages) from definition through to evalution

Skills landscape report - (delivering the results of skills demonstrated)