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Empowering people to  discover their full potential.

We strengthen peoples capability through creative skills. Our workshops add value to any learning and development plan, ensuring strong teams with people in the right roles at the right time. Our experience has taught us that creativity has an important place in all parts of a business. It allows people to think differently about complex problems. It brings together ideas, knowledge and experience to delivers robust and evolving solutions.

We are centrally based in Northamptonshire and operate UK wide. We offer both on-site and off-site solutions for your creative workshops for optimisation. The workshops are a full day from 9am till 5pm.

Sara Penrose   -  Empowering people to  discover their full potential

Chartered Chemical Engineer & Professional Artist

I am a chartered chemical engineer and artist, who is passionate about the combination of art and science. During my career I have designed and managed complex engineering projects, which often required my creative skills to make quick decisions to innovate a solution, optimise a process or to make a process safe.  I now empower other people to strengthen their creative skills so that they can discover more of their capabilities and in the case of our creative workshops for business, reapply these skills in the workplace.


For me, oil painting is a journey. The diversity of oils are such that you can almost sculpt with them or thin them so they flow like watercolours.  Oil painting is a layering of stages, I visualise the end composition, and work my way step by step, inspecting and exploring each detail. There are so many variables to consider. The shapes, textures and movement of each component. The volume, pressure, speed of my paint and brushstrokes. To see some of my results, explore My Gallery.


Chemical Engineer, Artist

John Henderson   -  Empowering people to  discover their full potential

Logistics & Creative Writing

I followed my love of all things transport into a career in logistics. Spending a good proportion of my time playing with lorries and warehouses. This gave me a passion for complex and demanding supply chains, how they function and what sort of challenges they pose, whilst working in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, fashion and electronics.


My interesting creative writing started with a stint in programme management, working on behavioural change programmes for the public sector. My aim was to make my reports memorable and establish legacy through the power of words. This was further added to with senior commercial roles in logistics, where the need to make your proposal stand out from the crowd through effective communication was vital. This interest has led to me working on my first book, a fiction, which is still under wraps, watch this space.


Telling a story is a superb way to engage an audience and simulate critical thinking. Learning these skills can create a much more effective team as people improving understanding and the dynamic of the group. This maximises interest and the ability to think differently because learning to create with the pen is just as effective as the brush.


Logistics Professional, Writer, Trainer, Business Development
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