The value of team building

Return On Your Investment

Measurable team building delivering value

Productivity increased

Having an input in developing your own role and skills is an effective method of raising engagement. Employees who are encouraged to share ideas and values are far more connected, committed and interested in their roles and the companies objectives. Our workshops develop interactive participation, encouraging initiative and a sense of achievement.

ROI: Consistent output via engaged and motivated employees.

Workshop outcome: Identify trigger points for motivation and use of skills. How, when and why.

Team productivity optimised


Engaged employees are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable compared to disengaged (Source - Gallup survey)



In 2018 £6.33 billion was spent on recruitment fees, inflated salaries, temporary staff and training for workers hired at a lower level than intended. (Source - Open University Business Barometer)

Efficiency improved

Getting more from what you have is the foundation of optimisation. Its about doing what you do, but better, thinking differently and understanding how to utilise your resource more effectively. Our workshops take a task and break down into component pieces, to see how it works, this underpins how to optimise the process. 

ROI: Better use of resources and reduction in waste.

Workshop outcome: Identifying hidden talent within, reduces the need for recruitment and induction training.

Agility achieved

Managing and coping with challenge and change strengthens the members of a team and provides mechanisms to cope with these pressures. Our workshops equip delegates with techniques to be more agile, e.g. how to embrace change by encouraging initiative and process ownership.

ROI: Speeding up the ability to adapt and modify, proactively as well as reactionary great improves the efficiency of the business.

Workshop outcome: Improving cross functional teams and workflows and future proving the business to change.

Valuable learning and development


Innovative agile working practices could generate further value of 3-7% of workforce cost and sales uplift of up to 11%. (Source - Agile Future Forum)



Mental health problems cost and average of £1,300 for every employee in the UK economy. (Source Centre for Mental Health)

Resilience strengthened

Greater resilience can mean less management time required and a reduced level of absence as employees are more capable of managing the daily pressures and challenges of the business.

ROI: Building in a robust and capable workforce reduces stress, improves mental health and underpins the agility as identified above.

Workshop outcome: Gaining confidence and improving emotional intelligence via better perception creates this outcome.

The Story Of Delegate X - Measurable team building delivering value

Foreword:  Delegate X is long serving, loyal and a ‘doer’, however frequently complains about the same things and is sluggish in regard to change. He is frustrated and sometimes frustrating to manage.


The Workshop:  He attends the creative workshop for optimisation but doubts the relevance and his abilities. Firstly, he learns how to try, then how to simplify a challenging task.  Next he sharpens his senses and becomes more agile in his actions; he discovers, plays with ideas and innovates his solution and achieves a completed task.


The Measure:  A 25% increase in his perception was measured. The peak frequency of statements was observed during the task definition stage, which exceeded his fellow delegates by 46%.


The Result:  The company decided to adjust his role to be more customer facing, to make full use of his yet untapped skill.  Delegate X was able to ask the right questions to accurately define the customers need. This facilitated a project, which efficiently delivered the objectives.


Conclusion:  Through the simulation of change in the workshop, a stronger team evolved, empowered to embrace change.


Results of team optimisation

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Measurable team building delivering value.


We are centrally based in Northamptonshire and operate UK wide. We offer both on-site and off-site solutions for your creative workshops for optimisation. The workshops are a full day from 9am till 5pm.

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