We teach these skills.....because we've been there. 

Sara Penrose 

I am Sara Penrose and when I was younger I was fascinated by how you could take things apart, study them and put them back together. (I blame my Dad tinkering around with his old lawnmower in the shed!)

This set me on the path to having a career, which would allow me to explore, discover, be full of curiosity and ask lots of questions. Hence my journey into engineering.

I cut my teeth designing, commissioning, optimising and managing process plants as a chartered chemical engineer. First of all, working in the starch sector at Roquette (ABR Foods Ltd) and then moving into resins at Scott Bader.

As I progressed I learnt a lot of the techniques in critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving that formed the basis for my experience and how they can maximise productivity, safety and quality. I gained valuable experience as a trainer for Inductions, HAZOP and ERP systems.

Then in 2011, I wanted to progress my other great passion and became a professional artist. Away went the hard hat and safety boots, out came the easel and smock.

I produced my own collection and organised experience days to teach art to others, which expanded into organising luxury art holidays in France. As I taught I noticed a huge cross over between engineering (process) and art (creativity) and so started working on how I could combine the two. I did some extensive research and saw that at the heart of better innovation was creativity

So in 2018 Sara Penrose Ltd was formed to utilise both sides of my experience and provide an interactive problem solving workshop developing people’s ability to better think, create and solve.



Chartered chemical engineer and professional artist.

John Henderson 

I am John Henderson and I have been involved in logistics

Hi, I am John Henderson, Co-founder and Director of Sara Penrose Ltd. I am proud that our business name reflects the achievements of diversity in engineering and the ethos of the Penrose family combining a heritage in art and science.

I bring to our business 25 years’ experience in the logistics industry. After completing a degree in Transport Management and Planning I worked my way from traffic desk to boardroom in a variety of sectors including perishable Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), electronics, pharmaceuticals, fashion and automotive.

Building a £3.5k per week account to a £145k per week account for one of the big 4 retailers in third party logistics was challenging, but rewarding. Learning to problem solve quickly to meet customer needs and then ensure the value of information and opportunities were captured by the business.

I spent 2 years in behavioural change programme management, designing best practice in areas such as sustainable resource use, efficient HGV driver training and competing the scoping document for what would become TfL’s FORS scheme. This experience had a considerable impact in my skills of researching, forming arguments, producing tender responses and basic consultancy skills.

Spending considerable time reading and writing highly detailed documents I developed an interest in clear and engaging communication. This lead to an interest in writing fiction and forms the basis for one of our skilled creative tasks – creative writing.


Chartered Fellow of CILT and writer.

Why us?

Over 40 years experience in chemical engineering and logistics with first had knowledge of the problems that our workshops are aimed to solve.