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Specialists in manufacturing and the supply chain.

Sara Penrose 

Trainer Experience:

  • Development of teams as a plant manager including designing and delivering training days.
  • Training of plant operators and managers in plant changes, new equipment, new technologies and health & safety requirements.
  • Training of production and engineering staff in use of ERP systems.
  • Development of procedures and training documents to support the training.
  • Induction training design and delivery, for staff and contractors.
  • Experienced HAZOP leader.
  • STEM ambassador
  • IChemE chartership mentor.

Engineering Experience:

  • Project management of many projects both small and large capital investment.
  • Commissioning planning and delivery in both the food and resin industries.
  • Plant manager, responsible for 27 staff.
  • Optimisation projects in continuous and batch plant.
  • Development trials in ion exchange and ultrafiltration.
Chartered chemical engineer and professional artist.

Chartered Chemical Engineer & Professional Artist

Messing about with my Dad's old lawn mower got me hooked on how things worked. I was fascinated by how you could take things apart, study them and put them back together again. So I looked for a career which would allow me explore and discover, full of curiosity and questions.

I became a chartered chemical engineer, designing and managing complex engineering projects, which often required my creative skills to make quick decisions to innovate a solution. You could find me up on a silo or down in the boiler room figuring things out and engineering solutions to make processes more optimal.

One recurring theme was that optimisation involved people. People are the most important asset to a business and are at the heart of the manufacturing process. Plant and systems seemed to be the main focus, so I started to look at how you could also optimise people and realise more of their full potential.

So in 2018 I joined my partner John Henderson, who had come to a similar conclusion from his background in supply chain and we started to work on how we could address this problem.

Sara Penrose Limited was born

John Henderson 

Trainer experience

My experience includes skills and training standards in supply chain, whilst working on the Freight Best Practice Programme, and the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving Standard (SAFED) funded by the DfT . Through a series of workshops, events, consultation and best practice in the freight industry I devised and delivered to a wide range of end users. The aim of the programme was behaviour change in line with Government policy

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of the Logistics and Transport (CILT) and previous Northamptonshire Chairman I have been involved in developing and rolling out a programme of continuous professional development (CPD) in the logistics industry centred around skill development, best practice, school, college and university engagement and networking, This has been as a volunteer, supported by the experience and resources of the CILT. I am also a mentor.

Logistics experience

A transport management and planning graduate from Loughborough University I have worked from the planning desk to the boardroom with various roles in an operational and commercial capacity, in both transport and warehousing. I have developed and executed commercial strategies for several companies, managed operations of +80 people, as well working as a freight customer in pharmaceutical and electronics sectors, managing re-tenders and being freight lead on multiple six- sigma project teams for areas such as switching from distributor to in-house delivery option for the Irish market

Chartered Fellow of CILT and writer.

Chartered fellow of CILT & Creative Writer

Getting the best out of something has always interested me. Looking at how things work and trying to figure that out, learning how to optimise and then make things better. I followed this principle with a career in supply chain, starting on the planning desk and warehouse floor before progressing to the board room. It just seemed to combine so many of things I liked economics, trade, finance, technology and dealing with people. I gained a broad understanding of operations and customer service, before settling on strategic plans and what the future might look like

Having a passion for something is one thing, learning the various skills and lessons to be successful is another. Understanding the drivers of modern supply chain namely the need to have maximum availability of inventory in the right place and at the minimum cost has shaped the roles I have undertaken in fast moving consumer, electronics and healthcare sectors

On my travels it became apparent to me that a key part of optimising a supply chain, involved people. People can be optimised as much as trucks or warehouses, upskilling and equipping them to with the tools to deal with automation, change and variability. People are a businesses most important asset, and with challenges such as poor productivity and low engagement, it seemed that there was an opportunity to consider further

So in 2018 I joined my partner Sara Penrose, who had come to a similar conclusion from her background in engineering and we started to work on how we could address this problem.

Sara Penrose Limited was born

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