The Optimisation Cycle 

We develop the fundamental skills of Critical Thinking, Lateral Thinking and Problem Solving

Optimisation Training is about maximising the value of what you have.

We introduce the method of how to solve complex problems.

Using the Problem Solving Framework and the Optimisation Cycle.

Skills are put into practise by completing a Skilled Creative Task.

We raise the performance of your business by improving the performance of your people.




Problem Solving Framework

Delegates practise the continuous actions of the optimisation cycle through the 9 stages of the Problem Solving Framework, whilst completing the Skilled Creative Task.



Unique training making links between business processes and the complexities of a skilled creative task

Level Paying field  |  Engaging  |  Fun challenge  |  Confidence building  |  Application of skills

The two tasks we currently offer are Writing a short story and Painting a Landscape in Oils. The purpose is to enable practise the business transferable skills of critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving in a way that is memorable. A legacy of learning to help your business grow.



“Helps show how projects can be planned and delivered. Very interesting, informative and practical”

Ron Lynch – Regional Director – Institute of Directors


“This approach allowed the team to understand they could achieve anything with a step by step approach, stepping outside of their comfort zone and thinking differently”’

Michael Bodsworth – Technical Director – Goldline UK Ltd


“The skills landscape report is very useful and I would absolutely recommend this training to others”

Jenny Murray – Managing Director – Life Science Group Ltd


Improved people performance.

Better communication.

Greater agility and resilience.

Match skills landscape with skills required.



Our workshops deliver 7 hours of accredited CPD training, A full and measured skills landscape report and includes for a 2 hour refresher training.

Each workshop is delivered offsite and in person with a maximum of 10 delegates per workshop.

This can be rolled out and repeated with your entire workforce.