Creative workshops for optimisation

The Workshops

Optimise: Productivity - Efficiency - Agility - Resilience

Nine stage process based upon six sigma and HAZOP

The 9 Stage Method: 

1.Define - 2.Analyse

3.Design - 4.Plan

5.Control - 6.Measure

7.Improve - 8.Innovate - 9.Evaluate

The Results: 

Speeding up problem definition

Increasing agility to evaluate

Giving confidence to ask questions

Increasing desire of process ownership

The Workshop Content

Structured format:  From our experience we have developed a 9-step process platform, based upon the principles of six sigma and HAZOP. This is then fused with a creative task.


Creative task: A skilled creative process is used to simulate critical thinking about complex work processes. The task is broken down, understood and then completed.


Employee engagement: A challenging interactive task in a safe environment and on a level playing field. This empowers the individual to gain confidence, develop new skills and learn about their colleagues.


Fun:  An opportunity to discover, explore and play. The philosophy of our workshops is that everything you do is right. If delegates do not like what they have created, we coach how to change it, so that all members of the team achieve a completed task that they can be proud of.


Measurement and evaluation:  Through self-assessment and facilitator observations a profile of individual performance in a task is completed. This is an essential part of realising the full potential of your team.


Team resilience - Emotional intelligence
leadership development

What is a strong team?

A strong team is made of strong individuals with varying skills.

Optimisation is about making the most effective use of what you have. For machines this is maximising output at minimum cost. For people it is getting the full potential of skills put to use, consistently and at the right time.

Our team development workshops helps an individual to optimise productivity, efficiency, agility and resilience:

Taking a skilled creative process and breaking it down is a valuable method to challenge the way people think. The ability to look at something with a different perspective, widens understanding and improves resilience.


Art of problem solving


We are centrally based in Northamptonshire and operate UK wide. We offer both on-site and off-site solutions for your creative workshops for optimisation. The workshops are a full day from 9am till 5pm.

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