Maximising the capability of people in your business to improve Quality, Efficiency and Growth


Accessing the full potential of your employees to bring more of themselves to the workplace.


To do this we:

Fuse creativity and process in our unique training method

Develop people outside their comfort zone - replicating the conditions of change

Train in an Inclusive level playing field

Measure and report on how people perform

Solve how Training is applied to your specific business needs


We develop Fundamental Human Skills, the skills that are unique to humans and form the building blocks of human intelligence, namely:

Critical thinking        Lateral thinking       Problem solving

These skills are universally recognised for delivering good performance.


Our training is fuelled by over 40 years experience of engineering and logistics




Critical thinking is the ability to think reasonably, detaching yourself from personal bias, emotional responses, and subjective opinions. It's value is for;

  • Diagnosing key issues
  • Identifying and communicating the value in information
  • Forming reasoned and unbiased arguments
  • Making more effective decisions


Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. It's value is for;

  • The systematic use of curiosity and imagination
  • Identifying and evaluating unconventional ideas
  • Embracing uncertainty to support change
  • Using creativity as a source of innovation


It is on one hand the least glamorous of the optimisation skills, but it is where the action comes to the front. This is combining analysis, perception and observation (critical skills) with new different ideas and innovation (lateral thinking) to a plan of action to complete a task, objective or project. It is of value for

  • Identifying the most appropriate method to solve a problem
  • Developing a structured process to solve.
  • Using robust controls and measures to achieve objectives
  • Practical and interactive team learning.



Centrally based in Northamptonshire but operate UK wide.

Our programme is a blend of in person and virtual training.

In person training is offered off-site, at a venue local to you.

F I N D  O U T  M O R E


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