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Training for optimisation skills:

Critical thinking  Lateral thinking  Problem solving

Critical Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving Skills

We provide training for optimisation.

Delivering optimisation skills of critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving. 

Fuelled by over 35 years experience of engineering and logistics.

Critical Thinking

Do you take things at face value? Does it provide the true measure of something, or are there missing elements? Put it another way can you get a true and accurate overview of something by what is immediately in front of you?

From our experience, it is rarely the case, asking the right questions starts a process, along with taking a step back to considering what you see. This encourages a discussion, a debate, leading to further questions and a deeper appreciation. Preventing potentially expensive knee jerk reactions or misunderstandings.

With a closer look comes curiosity and intrigue. We practice our perceptions, grow our curiosity, all the time extending knowledge. What does something do, why and how? This journey develops a wider and more valuable understanding, allowing you to make the most effective decision from the information you are presented with

Lateral Thinking

Hands up if you’ve heard the phrase ‘same old same old’, well the challenge with the same, it rarely keeps up with a changing world. Humans like patterns, which can evolve into routine and behaviour traits. We say we like change, but do we? Trouble is same and patterns do not help us solve some of the challenges we face. We need new solutions to existing problems, and that is the essence of lateral thinking. Turning things on their head, looking from a different angle, making connections. New ideas form the basis of the innovation process. And innovation keeps the business agile and competitive, ready to deal with whatever comes its way

Problem Solving

It is on one hand the least glamorous of the optimisation skills, but it is where the action comes to the front. This is combining analysis, perception and observation (critical skills) with new different ideas and innovation (lateral thinking) to a plan of action to complete a task, objective or project. Coming up with ideas or thinking about it is important, but how you will complete it is just as important. What is your method, what are the milestones, where are the measures, how will you monitor? Once you’ve determined you approach and the stages you have created, you can get busy doing.


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We are centrally based in Northamptonshire and operate UK wide. We offer both on-site and off-site solutions for your workshops for optimisation. The workshops are a full day from 8:30am till 5pm.

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